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Certain Uncertainties

By Tim / March 19, 2020 /

As we talk today, COVID-19 is in the news. One thing we’re all sure of – the times they are a changin’. But here’s the thing: they always are. Don’t be stampeded by unprecedented uncertainty. The fundamental principles for using and maintaining technology in your daily life have not changed. Here are some certainties: The…

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National Cybersecurity Awareness Team

A good webinar on Email security

By Tim / August 22, 2018 /

Another one from the National Cybersecurity Awareness Team. This one covers email security, given by Corey Allert, Manager of Network Security for FedEx. Video here: Presentation slides here:

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Linksys WiFi Router

Router hack reaching even home users

By Tim / May 25, 2018 /

I think this one is interesting. It seems foreign adversaries are leveraging our high rate of Internet use against us and others, in fact, anyone the adversary wishes. Specifically targeting consumer-level (small office/home office or SOHO) routers , they seek to increase their infection rate and avoid professional detection and countermeasures. The linked article suggests power cycling…

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