As we talk today, COVID-19 is in the news. One thing we’re all sure of – the times they are a changin’.

But here’s the thing: they always are. Don’t be stampeded by unprecedented uncertainty. The fundamental principles for using and maintaining technology in your daily life have not changed.

Here are some certainties:

  • The bad guys are still there. If anything, they benefit from this, uncertain situations are always a windfall for scammers. Distracted, frightened people are easy targets for evil.
  • You are not yourself. In stressful times, people rush through things, sometimes with little thought. This rush can lead to some very bad decisions, like opening email attachments that look like they are good news, or appear to come from your employer, partners, or your government.
  • Mistakes make a bad situation much worse. An impacted business or a sick person can be ruined by a data compromise or loss.

Think carefully, maintain good data security and recovery processes like backups, and be more watchful for scams. You’ll get through this. You’ve got all you need. You already know how to be safe with technology, and how to use it effectively. Certain uncertainties will pass, don’t be blown off course by the winds of change.

Knowledge is cost effective. Being smart is free.

 Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA)- Coronavirus

CISA Risk Management – Coronavirus

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